why dont we talk about that no one wants to create a middle East server for us so we can play games

i think every game should have middle east server for the arabian ppl because they are humans just like all other humans and because i am sick of playing all game such as league of legends/fortnite/pub g and other games with 125ms eu server why dude like for real i have seen alot of league of legends streamers crying when they get lag like moe and other ppl and their ping goes to 70 or 80 when we arabians have lag for more than 10 years 125ms or high but the problem is no 1 felt by playing with 125 ms i have never ever felt on my life playing a cool game with 25 ping or less on league or pob g thats why u dont see alot of arabian ppl playing on lcs or e-sports and i really think that if some1 removed na server and eu server and make ppl play on other servers with high ping then they will feel how we feel and alot of ppl will tell riot to make middle east server just like when riot make a broken champ then all ppl start saying change him change him and then riot listens to the fans and they change him why cant ppl say make middle east server for our brothers ? so they can enjoy the game like we do :(
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