TfT Ideas. What would you like to see for a new rotation?

I like TfT, its like my favorite mario game. I enjoyed first TfT launch and the second one. Loved to go Gunslingers then and Mages now. But since new TfT is coming, I would like to know, what kind of classes, race and champions you would like to see. I personally like Lux Avatar idea. So I thought about Spirit Guard Udyr {{champion:77}}. This time 6 cost. If you find phoenix Udyr, like lux, all other Udyrs change to that faction. On the same "Avatar" idea, what about Darkin Kayn and Shadow Assasin Kayn (both could use the same ult with different stats). That way its would go well with Darkin faction with Aatrox and Varus and would be a assasin maybe and Shadow Assasin could go with (as you guessed) shadow and assasins. Darkins could go as 2 or 3 with some sort healing and assasins would play same crit game. Would love to continue summoners trait with new champions there like Illaoi, Heimer and Elise. Illaoi would work pretty well with Void, adding back Kha'zix, Kassadin, Malzahar, Kai'sa, Kog'maw and Vel'koz. Dawn and Night bringers could play a role, like Karma, Nidalee, Lee Sin, Vladimir, Soraka (being both), Riven and Yasuo(which could be both Exiled and couldnt be on the same team or their trait wouldnt work). Next ones are Kalista, Thresh and Hecarim (maybe Mordekaiser too) as Shadow Isles. Or Woodland Hecarim with Ahri, Veigar and Bard. Robots like Blitz and Orianna or new mechas like Draven, Jax, Leona, Sett, Garen + Aatrox, Rengar, Sion and Kha'zix. Steel is a nice type with Rek'sai and Nocturne, they would work well with Vel'koz and Cassiopeia. Talon would be a great assasin with aa hit bleeding effect. Blood moon would be great with champions that havent been on TfT (Zilean, Jhin). There are 16 blood moon skins to pick from. I prefer some sort of Karma with her q, like Ezreal's now. Those Wild West skins could make a trait while having Darius, Lucian, Thresh, Urgot, Hecarim, TF, Jhin, Yasuo. This is getting too long. What ideas do you have?
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