Game mode idea Capture flag

Each Team have 5 flags in their base , 2 flags instead of top inhibitor , 2 flags instead of bot inhibitor , and one flag instead of mid inhibitor To win , you have to steal all flags from enemy's base within 30 minutes . Now lets take a look at rules : 1. Turrets are disabled 2. You cannot attack nexus 3. Re-spawn time is always 7 sec 4. After stealing all 5 flag , and reaching 10 flags in your base , you have to defend them for 7 minutes ( this time is addicted to game time , the longer game is , the shorter you have to defend them , 30 sec shorter with each 3 minutes ) 5. When you are holding a flag enemies can see you 6. You are getting gold and experience in the same way like in Dominion 7. If 20 enemy minions will get to your flag ( each minion will just disappear like in Nexus Siege obligatory thing ) enemy will spawn one super minion which can take a flag 8. Being killed while holding flag will drop flag right in place where you died ( same with super minions ) 9. Each player has one ward trinket which last for 60 seconds 10. Flags are always visible 11. When you are holding a flag you are slowed by 5/7/10/15 % ( based on level ) 12. Have fun !! :) Still thinking how flags would look like Not original but still would like to play that :P [](
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