[Champion Concept] Scathan, The Space Draughtsman.

https://i.imgur.com/YRQcJCP.jpg Being hugely inspired and accoladed to be the few to ken Ornn's lost tales, Scathan is resolute to build whatever benefits his people. He spent years studying astronomy and engineering, and is often called "The man who wants to ken all". Scathan believes that god engendered and mystically enchanted mankind to construct on the planet, to denude the secret that hides below, and dominate the universe battling the restless nature utilizing only one weapon: Intelligence. Rumors has it that Scathan spent time concealing in Ionia privily hiding in a wizard's hut, where the wizard edifies him how to cast spells in return for advanced machines and engines that can avail enhance the impuissant wizard's tiring life. But who knows? He is optically discerned everywhere every time his portal gun rests in his arms. **Passive: Parallel Motion** Scathan, allies, and enemies are able to walk through one of the portals and come out of the other. After doing so, their movement speed will be reduced by 60% for 2.5 seconds. **(Portals will glow once passive is available.) (20 sec cooldown)** https://i.imgur.com/soGm705.jpg **Q: Plan B** Scathan summons a portal at a wall that faces forward. Portals can be placed at opposing walls, and must be built in one lane. Only 2 portals can be built at once, and Scathan can cast on an active portal to destroy it. Portals are automatically destroyed once abandoned by Scathan for 20 seconds. (No cooldown) https://i.imgur.com/vhsrDqW.jpg **W: Celestial Drop** Scathan throws an asteroid that flies in the selected direction for 2.5 seconds, dealing **magic damage** to enemy minion and champions. The damage **increases** per target hit. Scathan can then **re-cast** to drop the asteroid, **knocking up** and dealing **magic damage** to nearby enemies depending on how close they are to the center. Adteroid drops on it's own if not recast by the end of it's duration. **If thrown at a solo portal,** it will bounce off the opposite direction. **If thrown at a portal when there's two,** it will shoot out of the paired portal If **Celestial Drop** enters a portal it's duration is increased by 0.5 second. (Max. 3.5) **E: Trapped In Time** Scathan hurls an orb that moves in the selected direction for 2 seconds, **magic damaging** and **stunning** the first target hit for 0.8/1/1.2/1.5/1.7 seconds. If **Trapped In Time** enters a portal it's stun and damage duration is **increased.** https://i.imgur.com/XQvfuV1.jpg **Ultimate: Retrograde Motion:** **If cast on an unpaired portal:** After a short delay, the portal will shoot out a beam dealing massive **magic damage** to all enemies standing in front of the portal. **If cast on a paired portal:** After a short delay, the portal takes in all enemies standing in front of it, and forces it to come out of the other portal. https://i.imgur.com/YhEhTfI.jpg **Once ultimate is cast, all portals are destroyed automatically.** **Skins:** https://imgur.com/a/gMuGK **Did you like my concept?? Then you might enjoy my previous champion concept: [Maria, The Voodoo Queen.](https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/community-creations-en/xjmhdOYe-maria-the-voodoo-queen?comment=0001)** *Feedback would be appreciated!**
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