Tank mini-rework part 1 (Zac & Nautilus)

Currently tanks have a identity crisis in league. They are no longer the only solution for peeling carries. They cannot be the wall of toplane anymore, the have predictable kits, are abusive in lcs, have no skill expression and so on. So I decide it was time to push them into a new direction. Buffing tanks isn't that easy anymore. They are no longer the cc kings but we buff their cc. We cannot give them mobility and we cannot give them more tankness because O not been able to kill them is no fun. So I was thinking what we could give them other than that. So that's when it hit me. Why not give time damage zoning together with change some of their already existing benefits into clarity mechanics: #{{champion:111}} Nautilus * ##Q: Dredge Line airborn mechanic on terrain Nautilus already has this interaction with hooks like {{champion:53}} Q where he can stop his hook by using his hook into the opposite direction. So why not aply this mechanic to airborn effects in general. Incomming Yasuo Q, let's hook terrain, incomming Ornn Ult, let's hook terrain. Keep in mind this wouldn't remove the stun. Only disables the displacement effect from the enemy. It would also help riot with removing some strange interactions (like flying Nautilus) * ##E: Riptide (rework) I would rework this ability entirely. It doesn't really does Nautilus theme justice, it's just their. What I would do is give it a charge system (up to 3 charges). When Nautilus cast it is does a similar effect but this time is leaves ruptures on the ground (similar to working ground from {{champion:163}}. These ruptures detonate when: * enemies dash, jump or blink over it * when a second charge of Nautilus E hit's them. * when hard cc (both friend & foe) is cast near it (Nautilus passive, Nautilus ult, Nautilus Q, Alistar Q, etc..) When detonated it deal bonus damage. This would make it a strong ability when the teams have a lot of cc both when your team as the enemy team has it. With the new charge system enemies cannot be slowed two times from his E within 6 seconds. #{{champion:154}} Zac The change is simple. Zac's blobs now reveal the enemy briefly when enemies step over it. Zac is a champion that is very vision based into hitting his abilities. The chance that one of Zac's abilities hit without vision is very unlikely. With a similar reveal time when someone steps on Zyra's seeds Zac's blobs will now work similar. This will help his supportive nature and we might even seem him support ones in a while.
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