New Resolve Runes Idea 1. **strength of warmogs**: you can stack up to 300 permanent health by killing or being nearby when an allied champion kills a large monster or siege minion. * +20 permanent health for each siege minion. * +10 permanent health for each large monster or epic monster. After reaching the maximum bonus, Regenerate X% of your maximum health every 5 seconds. If damage has not been taken in the last 6 seconds. (this was the original one back in pre-season 6:, it got removed at the start of season 6. The original bonus was after reaching the maximum bonus killing or being nearby to further siege minion or large monster takedowns restore 6% of your maximum health.) I think having a free warmogs for tanks will be good since Riot wanted to remove warmogs from a long time ago, but they havent done it yet. Anyone champion can take it, but tanks will want this more than other champions for example mundo. 2 **Bladed Armor**: When enemy monsters attack you, they are inflicted with bleed for 2 seconds, dealing 2% of their current health as physical damage each second. (Bladed Armor was a mastery back in season 4-5, it was quite good for junglers.) 3 **Reinforced Armor**: After 10 minutes gain, Reduce damage taken from critical strikes by 10%. 4 **Double healing**: After casting a healing ability, you have X% chance to cast the ability again for X seconds. (for free) (at first i thought this should have like 50% percent chance, dont know if it sounds broken or anything like that. but it will sound broken when Soraka ults the entire team and imagine she gets to cast her ult again saving everyone.)
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