Poker Cards League Style

So i was Browsing for Poker Cards and saw some amazing ones, then i thought... well i would love to see some league poker cards with some nice artwork, i dont talk about champs per card or anything, but man how about this And by Poker cards i mean high quality ones sitting at around 30 bucks worth a deck meaning they should be more looking like these and not l copy pasted pictures of some champs and skinns Clubs, is the Noxian Axe that darius and others have as a symbol the perfect fit Diamonds Targonian symbol? or shadow isles would also be nice or even bildgewater Hearts shurima i would almost say ? i mean yeah Spades targon would also fit here, or maybe piltover? zaun? all would be cool i would almost say we go with nations that go for progress / conquest, fits the theme so noxus, shurima, both have also nice logos (targon? shadow isles? i mean both of them are kinda weard to say, are they like noxus and shurima? ) if not then what could also totaly go is bildgewater zaun, so for champs on cards 2-3 Jokers Zed Shen katarina? Talon? Kayn??? i would say somebody with a suprise element, an assasin or something like that 4 Aces Jhin Vayne? Cait Ezreal Twisted Fate or maybe even zoe 4 Kings Azir, Swain (comon a no brainer right?), Gangplank (captain) , Mordekaiser, Urgot??????? 4 Queens Ashe? Miss Fortune, Xaya, leblanc lux evelynn 4 Jacks Lee Sin, Galio , Rakan thresh or Taric so yeah i actually find it ard myself to make a good roster here, cause i want some popular champs that also kinda fit, ( i wouldnt change the kings though) so what do you ppl think i also include the pages for the symbols and so on,
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