Skin Idea: Death Metal Urgot

Acrania - Disillusion in a Discordant System (Lyric Video)
This is a fan-made video, just to promote the band! I don't own anything! All rights belong to the band and their label. Band: Acrania Song: Disillusion in a Discoardant System Album: Totalitarian Dystopia (Out Aug.
So I recently started playing {{champion:6}} and I love it. He has few skins though, so I came up with an idea. Since his ult is the most metal ult I've ever seen, I figured it'd be really cool if Riot made a skin that really embraced a death metal/gore theme. His Q could be a nail bomb or a limb that explodes. His W could also fire nails Attached is an audio fragment that would really fit his ult. It would be extremely cool if there's an audio piece for the first cast (like where the video starts) and a followup for when he pulls an enemy in and grinds them to death. Of course the song is just an example since copyright would make it difficult to use that song, but hopefully you get the idea. Please Riot, make this a thing!
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