[Suggestion] 2FA on our LoL Accounts

Firstly, apologies if this is the wrong section, this section seem like the closest to 'Suggestions'. I got hacked couple months ago (riot was wonderfully helpful and retrieved my account). A friend of mine got hacked while he was in another country for several weeks, during this time the hacker violated rules and got the account banned. Unfortunately my friend was not able to retrieve his account. Long story short, sadly accounts being compromised is still a real and ongoing thing. So I was just wondering, has Riot ever shed any light on their intentions to/not to implement 2FA on our accounts? It doesn't even have to be a proprietary system, it could even be integrating Google's 2FA App, or Authy App, or any other existing systems. Of course this would be an optional thing that players can turn on/off from account settings, and naturally Riot would highly recommend us to turn it on. If activated, this 2FA would be required to log into the game client as well as the website.
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