[SUGGESTION+POLL] Party is open for everyone! literally.

Everytime i join a friend's lobby while his party is open, my friends also can join too , what im trying to say is i think the party should be open for his friends only, not also mine , why ? cause i really dont want my friends to join (*lets not talk about details*), i think some people got the same probleme and mostly are girls. sometimes my friends join then the owner kick them and they ask me why like its my fault, then i feel guilty. (we all have some rude friends) and i really care about my friends :/ **my solution ** (which i think its a great idea) **:** **-** i think while the owner allows everyone to invite then each one in the lobby can open the party for his own friendlist, and the owner also opens his party for his friends only **i hope everyone Vote so we make it better!** {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}

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