Request for future events such as the "VS" event

Heyho people from the English boards :) First of all I would like to thank Riot for that awesome event. The quests were really cool (although they had some bugs, but that's alright. We got everything we worked for in the end^^) and it was a lot of fun to grind everything. I also bought the huge God King Bundle to get both skins and borders so I ended up getting everything I wanted, including all icons and a lot of key fragments...which was super awesome because I stacked up a lot of chests over the last weeks. There's still a teeny-tiny problem I wanted to point out that was a little bit...annoying. I ended up with 12 spare tokens. That means, I couldn't get another key fragment so I ended up spending it on BE. And this was the annoying part. For every one of those 12 I had to scroll down to the blue essence, click on it, wait for the (awesome) animation to click on "forge" and then wait for the other animation to finish to start over (scroll down, click, wait, click, wait). This feels kind of...unsatisfying... and was super annoying after the first 3 times. There already were some other events that included some sort of currency and I think that events in the future will have it, too. It's a cool idea to use your spare tokens for BE but it would be awesome if we could forge multiple items at once. Or else it could become really annoying to do the same thing over and over again. It's possible to open multiple chests at once, so I think it should be possible to forge multiple things at once, too :) Thanks for reading and have a great day <3 Yours sincerely Queen Aory the 1st
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