Petition to upgrade League of Legends Graphics ( Pics of VI, Darius, Blitz how they would look)

If you ask me what is my favorite game, my answer will be League of Legends... This has been my answer for 6 years now. I respect the game and I respect Rito, But, I do have one thing that I would like to throw in, and that would be the game graphics. I am not talking about the art style because Rito Design team is doing an amazing job with the stylization of the characters and the game its self {{summoner:13}}. However I do want to talk about Game graphics and why we do deserve an improved shading and reflections and all that. I have plenty of friends that play other game like Dota 2, Paragon, Fortnite, HOTS, PUBG and what not. When I talk about LOL and the way we did something tactical and we outplayed the other team, or when I tell my friend who plays Dota 2/Paragon ( Which has better graphics the LOL by far... seriously... but they lack in style. Most of their "Heros" are very generic) about mechanism of LOL and how we have triple Q (Aatrox/Riven) or how mechanical champions work (Akali, Zed, Lee etc.) they are into the game. But when they are introduce to the game they laugh... they lough very hard because their eyes have been adjusted to better graphics and the LOL graphics look like a Mobile Game{{summoner:3}} to them. **WE NEED BETTER GRAPHICS! Its time.** Click the link and see how some champions can look if they get an updated graphics... {{summoner:7}} {{summoner:7}} Now... I understand why LOL is like this. Its because Rito wants a big player base and to be able to run easily on as many PCs as possible (Can I Run It? Score is 93% ), and that is fine... but they should also think of people that want to play the game but it looks terrible to them or to people that have good PC rigs . I have a powerful PC and I can run LOL on +300 FPS but I lock it on 144hz since that is how much my monitor rate is. **I want to suggest Rito a solution. What if you update the graphics for better PCs with improved graphics, shading, reflection, effects and all that... and make this actual LOL a League of Legends Lite and the upgraded LOL can be called just League of Legends ( Similar to what PUNG is doing to their game but vice-versa). Haa?** What do you think?
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