New Champion Concept - Minah swiftfoot
Hello everybody, I am new to Reddit and I wanted to show the people on this Reddit that did not play Legends of Runeterra yet, who probably do not know who Minah is, yet. Minah Swiftfoot This is Minah Swiftfoot.
The idea is written on Reddit, but I was told to come here and write the concept of a champion here. Remember when League took inspiration in certain games to make certain characters and character kits? (What most comes to mind is Marth from SSB for Riven's design) the Idea was to have a kicking variant of Chun Li from Street Fighter. Minah already has an ability called "Skyward Strikes", just like Chun Li has her own variant of this flurry of kicks called "Hyakuretsukyaku", it could be something like a flurry of kicks while she remains in the same place (somewhat like pantheon's W but with her own foot) Why not add more martial arts techniques to other abilities of her similar to Chun Li for example, her helicopter kick, "Spinning Bird Kick". It could be something like a leap forwards while dealing damage (like Kayn's Q but with her own legs spinning just like Chun Li's) Or even, for the sake of "dumb broken ultimate fluff" have a disruptive rolling kick on the same place that would kick enemies away from her depending on where they stand when she casts it, like the opposite of an Orianna's ultimate She could gain other things like an actual flying kick for example, for a leap, Like Jax's Q (I think Old Akali's R she used to hit with her knee) Or actually have something that truly defines why she has the name "swiftfoot", like gaining 10% movement speed after the cast of one ability, this way she could be like a disruptive champion to make her full combos on a skirmish or teamfight and then run away or catch people off guard with her movement speed buffs Anyways this is something that I wanted to show, I am opened to suggestions, if anything, I just wanted some love treatment regard to new characters from Riot Games from Legends of Runeterra. Dreaming is something that everyone can do, and I believe that we would all enjoy more diversity in this always changing game. (My dream would actually be for this post or the reddit thread to rach out to someone on Riot's behalf, just to see the idea in itself)
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