Shéman the tree monk

Shéman the tree protecter Passive : tree spawn With a 10 sec cooldown 10th attack will spawn young ionians berk trees. If young there invernable. In 10 sec they become adult and have a health bar like wards. Q : life forward If used on a ionian berk tree (adult) It will grow fruit like the river plant on the summoners rift. It will heal allies and slow enemies. (5/4/3/2/1 cd) (20 mana all ranks) W : click of the ancient If used shéman clicks in his fingers. This will stun enemies and give ms too allies. (9/8/7/6/5 cd) (50 mana all ranks) E : treemonk decision I used on a ionian berk tree (adult) It will spawn vines around it that root they enemies and give cc imune too allys (20/15/14/13/12 cd) (60/50/45/40/35 mana) R : call forward ionian tree spirit On activation will make every ionian berk tree adult. And will spawn a tree spirit (orfin). that will act like a minion with a 1500 health bar. If the spirit dies it will spawn a ionian berk tree adult. The tree spirit lasts for 20 sec (100/90/80 cd) (90/85/80 mana)

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