[Champion Concept] A melee control mage with a fire theme (inspired from the halloween contest)

After noticing I was a day late for the halloween contest that was going on on the boards, I figured I'd just post my concept here aswell. As the title states, this is a melee control mage with a fire theme. Edit: A friend just came up with the idea of somehow including **brittle** in his kit; sounds interesting to me. **Passive: Divine Claw** Once every **x** seconds, [Champion]'s **Divine Claw** gets charged. When his **Divine Claw** is charged, he can extend it and attack his **Infernal Meteor**, dashing to its location, gaining a shield and causing it to explode, destroying the meteor and **igniting** the ground with a bigger radius. **Ablity 1: Infernal Meteor** Over time, [Champion] gains charges of **Infernal Meteor**, up to a maximum of 2/2/3/4/5 (depening on level of ability). When used, a meteor lands at a target location after a short delay, dealing damage in a small area, becoming terrain and **igniting** the ground near the meteors, dealing damage over time. The meteors can be destroyed by the enemy team similar to Zyra's plants, the ignited ground will linger as **fading fire**, dealing reduced damage. There is a small cooldown between ability casts. **Ability 2: Sucker Punch** [Champion] extends his **Divine Claw** and throws a punch in a straight line, stopping at the first enemy champion or **infernal meteor** hit, dealing damage slowing champions hit briefly. If he hits an **Infernal Meteor**, he catapults the meteor in a straight line, knocking enemies in its path in the air for a short time and leaving behind a trail of **ignited** ground. Hitting an enemy champion with a catapulted meteor recharges his **Divine Claw**. **Ability 3: Infernal Spirit** **Passive: Fiery Soul** [Champion] gains attackspeed when standing on **ignited** ground. **Active: Hothead** [Champion]'s basic attacks gain a small range bonus and deal a percentage of the enemy's missing health as bonus magic damage for a short duration **Ultimate: Infernal Blade** [Champion] summons a big **Infernal Blade** and swings it in a big cone in front of him dealing little damage to enemy champions and causing all **Infernal Meteors** hit by the Blade to explode. For a couple seconds, the small cooldown between his **Infernal meteor** casts is zero.
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