Unfair matchmaking.

Today i've lost 10 ranked matches in a row, but the day before I won 10 ranked matches, how is that even possible? I know that I might have played bad in some of the matches, but most of them I don't. Most of the matches I also can tell if we are gonna lose or win in the draft pick, and the loading screen by looking at the points of each player. Which are either first time or played about five to ten matches. Mostly these players are really bad mechanically. Why isn't there anything preventing them from picking those champions? Why are there not a mastery limit? It is frustrating knowing that the player only played once on that spesific champion. When someone get autofilled, why are there not something telling us that the person is autofilled? I've considered quiting this game for good. That is a shame since I bought skins for my main champions, but at its current state, I can't do it anymore. It is tilting and also really boring when it happens this often. (Sorry for bad english).
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