Need An opinion Here :)

Greetings summoners, 1) I'd like to know your opinion about whether i should release my champion ideas out to the wild or not. (you can skip to the pole below) 2) When and Where whould I post them? **This will depend on what you will vote on the pole down bellow. For example, if you vote n.1 i will most likely show you some visually unfinished ideas or some Lore about the champion or maybe even just an in-game kit full of surprises and just copy and paste.* *As of time, if i'll make a "complete" presentation, It'll consume a lot of my time and as I dont have much of that... It'd be finished by this summer 3) sorry for making a 5 min post about this and most likely wasting your time, I'm a 15 year old boy living in france and that isnt helping me in any way . But thanks for checking this Discussion anyway and I hope you'll have fun {{summoner:4}} ing around the forums !
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