Since there is no IP anymore ..

Could we get "Party XP Weekends" ? Last one was, I think, during All Starts in 2016 and nothing after. Simply do this: #\# of players in pre-made | Bonus XP earned * 2 players | 100% (2x) Bonus * 3 players | 150% (2,5x) Bonus * 4 players | 200% (3x) Bonus * 5 players | 300% (4x more XP) Bonus If BE is same balanced as IP was, this shouldnt be a problem to make. Would be also a lot helping for BE shop. 1st time it came, it wasnt a problem because we hoarded BE from Glyphs so we could get tons of stuff but 2nd time, me myself had BE just for few chromas and 2 icons. Weekend during Christmas, Easter, start of children holidays & Allstars/World Championship (maybe?) would be enough for one year and it would help a lot. Thanks.
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