Popstar & Elderwood Kindred Concepts... once again

Popstar Kindred: https://i.pinimg.com/736x/28/c6/36/28c63672692a09612a4b3582d000fe6d--character-concept-art-character-design.jpg By Loiza: https://www.facebook.com/loiza.chen/ Elderwood Kindred: https://pre00.deviantart.net/1260/th/pre/f/2016/029/8/2/8239d54f57f59c8172a42b75fe84d2ad-d9ptc8x.jpg By VegaColors: https://vegacolors.deviantart.com/ There are lots of great ideas out there that deserve to be in this game, stuff like Harlequin Jinx that has been around for the longest time. Kindred though isn't really deserving of a skin right now, (poor {{champion:98}} ) but I still wish to bump these ideas to not let them go to waste. Seriously, these might be the best Kindred skins idea out there, next to Red Riding Kindred. It would be a waste to not atleast take inspiration from them. I can totally see Popstar Kindred being used as inspiration for Heartseeker Kindred or something, it doesn't fit their theme but neither does Super Galaxy and Elderwood Kindred is already perfect on its own.
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