Can we please bring this sort of discussion back (adding more emotes to the emote-wheel)

Riot can we please get more emotes on the wheel? Here I even designed it for you. Top one is yours, bottom is mine. With the amount of emotes introduced into the game, and the varying scenarios in which emotes are used, I don't believe 5 emote slots suffices. I would like to see the 4 outer spots to be split into cardinal
I linked a previous topic, on the NA board about the limited emote wheel. I am really, really struggling to get just a couple more emotes I really like in and this is coming from me who doesn't own that many emotes (that I wanna use anyway) Plenty of users are providing several good alternatives, and Riot didn't respond. We should spread this to every region-board and try to get it to have as much attention as possible. It would also help Riot gain more cash because people would have more emotes they'd be able to use. It's an easy win-win and a good quality of life change for all of us.
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