Xerath Skin Idea

It's a bit late for a spooky skin idea and Xerath will probably never get a skin again because no one likes him enough apparently {{sticker:sg-soraka}} But here's an idea for a spooky Xerath skin anyway because why not? ____________________________ **Appearance:** Xerath is a glowing green, slimey manifestation contained within a barely held together coffin. Looking closely you can sometimes spot his eyes peering out of a crack or his fingers trying to pry open his deathbed-made-prison... **Auto attacks:** He hurls small glowing blobs of his verdant, slimey mass at foes, laughing whenever he successfully procs his passive. **Q:** As Xerath charges up, dark clouds and static gather around the coffin as a spooky tune plays. Upon releasing Q, he fires a dramatic bolt of lighting. If he chooses not to unleash his Q the clouds poof into nothing and the spooky music ceases mid-note, possibly with a scratchy record sound. **W:** Xerath casts a pool of moonlight beneath his foes feet. The area is then blasted by a swift swarm of bats who vanish as quickly as they appeared. **E:** Xerath launches a shrieking white ghost in a line. If he hits and stuns an enemy the ghost giggles and disperses into mist. **R:** The coffin containing Xerath is temporarily blasted open, revealing Xerath's unnatural, slimey form in all it's horrendous glory. As he writhes and flails around furiously, desperate to escape, he hurls enormous glowing blobs of himself at any who would dare to oppose him. When his tantrum ends, he retreats fatigued into his coffin with a sigh, once more defeated but gradually eroding his damnable confines. **Recall:** Xerath blasts a hole in the ground with a bolt of lighting, leaving a smoking grave into which he falls. **Death Animation:** Xerath's coffin topples over and slams fully shut, occasionally twitching with movement as he fruitlessly bats at the lid from the inside. ________________________________ Haven't thought of a name for it. Guess he can be Deathbed Xerath or something edgy like that. Anyway, here's hoping Riot one day make another skin for poor Xerath! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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