Enduring Sword

what do you guys think about the new Enduring Talon? Talon is one of my favorite champions and honestly i was expecting something else than what we got.... when i had my first look at the splash art i thought it was pretty cool you know, but then when i saw him in game it turned to a whole different thing, i mean like. we all know that Talon is a assasin, i often think of him as one of the best assasins and a rival of zed, so i think like " dark " and " blood " when i say assasin. The blood moon talon was pretty epic and that i really liked, but Enduring Sword Talon was just a dissapointment, they turned his cape to something fitting for a child, it looks more like rakan's rainbow colored feathers now than a cape of an assasin, we have yet to see his abilities but all we have is pretty much this picture ( link ) and i only see bright colors as if they just threw some sh*t together. Honestly this made me a little sad as i had hopes for something more like championship/deathsworn zed
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