New Champion Idea

Inspired by Rakan and Xayah. Name: Lin Damage Type: AD Role: ADC Marksman Skins: Classic Lin, Sunset Lin Passive: Spray: Every attack gives a small Attack Speed boost to Lin and gives Attack Damage to Other champions. If Mun is present she gains both AD and Attack Speed. Q: Chained Together: Shoots out a bolt which when it hits it spreads to other nearby enemy champions. After a few seconds the chains trigger and all enemies connected are stunned for 0.5 seconds with 5 enemies. If only one is hit then it stuns them for 1.5 seconds. If Mun is present she can power up the chain which will pull in all enemies into one pile and it will stun for 1 second. W: True Shot: Shoots out a bigger bolt that explodes on impact with a champion. After exploding it will shoot a cone of smaller bolts forward. E: Speed Bolt: Lin shoots a homing bolt that slows enemy champions for 35% of their speed. If targeted on an Ally they get 35% extra Movement Speed. **If Mun is present She gains 50% extra Movement speed. If an ally attacks the target then it stuns the enemy for 0.5 seconds** R: Rain of Bolts: Lin starts channeling for 3.5 seconds. After the channel Lin fires out a volley of bolts into the sky which then send a huge rain of Bolts at every Enemy champion alive **in a huge range**. Does more damage depending on how low they are on health. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Mun Damage Type: AD Role: Support Assassin Skins: Classic Mun, Moonlight Mun Passive: Under the Shadows: When in the fog of War Mun gains Movement Speed based on his Level. If Lin is nearby he can follow Mun at the same speed. Effect Ignores Enemy Wards. Q: Underground Dash: Mun digs out a hole through the ground that hides her for 10 seconds. If She hits an enemy or if the 10 seconds pass Mun appears onto the surface. If Mun hit an enemy she will get her movement speed quadrupled for 0.5 seconds. If Lin is nearby Mun does extra damage to the enemy hit. W: Twin Daggers: Mun tosses out 2 daggers that cut through everything in their path. Mid flight it connects and gets stuck to the next enemy hit dealing increased damage and applying a small DOT. If Lin is nearby the Daggers travel further and faster. E: Run!: Mun summons an aura around her which speed up and heal allies over time. Lin gets healed more than others. R (Solo Mun): Swift Death: Mun runs quickly at target and slices up the target which will insta kill it. Can only be activated on a low health enemy. R (Mun and Lin): Duo Death: Mun runs quickly at target and starts slicing while **Lin gains huge attack speed and a bigger range**. Mun and Lin gain a huge movement speed increase as well as AD. The Target gets instakilled. Can only be used on a low health enemy. Hope you like this Idea.
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