Ability Icon HUD: Champs that need the update

Patch 9.1 notes
Welcome, one and all, to the first patch of 2019! We hope the holidays treated you well and you're rested up and ready for a fresh new year of League. Let's get into it! At the top of the notes you'll see a special section for Kalista, Ornn, and Sejuani, all of whom have been much stronger in pro play than regular play.
Hey guys, everyone who has read the patch notes knows the new Ability Icon HUD updates. (Linked) As Riot asked, this is a list of Champs I think need those features and I'll edit this post as / if other people add some stuff. If you've got another opinion or another idea of an ability that needs the HUD update let me know! ___ Champions you added that **DON'T** need the HUD: - Alistar's **E** - Corki's **E** - Miss Fortnune's **W** - Olafs **W** - Rammus' **W** ___ Champion that **DO** need the HUD: - Ahri's **R** - Akali's **W** (I think they did this already but not sure) - Annie's **R** - Aurelion Sol's **E** - Darius' **P** and **R** - Draven's **Q** - Fiddlesticks' **R** - Fiora's **R** - Fizz's **W** - Hecarim's **E** - Ivern's **R** - Jarvan's **R** - Jayce's **E** (Ranged) - Kled's **E2** - Morgana's **R** - Pyke's **R** - Rumble's **Q** - Shaco's **R** - Sion's **R** - Swain's **R** (think they did this already aswell) - Trundle's **R** - Vladimir's **R** - Wukong's **R** - Xin Zhao's **R** - Zac's **Q2**

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