Extras for a full team using matching skins and sharing skins to teammates

As there are more and more skin sets, where you could have the whole team of matching skins, would be cool if actually having a full team of matching skins had some kind of extra interactions. like say, when you have a full team of pool party skins, your team's minions will be the pool party minions Also, it would be nice to have a way to 'lend' your skins to friends. Maybe something in the hextech crafting, where you can unlock a skin that you own to a teammate or have them pay x amount of essence, to be able to use a skin that a teammate owns. It's just, i'm so hyped about these star guardian skins and being a jinx main, I'd prob buy lulu or janna, if it would be possible to let another player use the skin - as I don't have any lulu/janna main support friends to just gift the skins to and I'm not wealthy enough to buy skins to just random ppl :p oooor get ppl to play support by giving away these skin sharing tokens, when you get at least A while playing support :p
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