New champ idea

I was thinking about a new fighting champion, a bruiser. But i want him to be different than every other league champ regarding his abilities. Let me explain. You can easily play almost every champ because you only press 3 buttons that give u a different ability. Lets take Udyr as an example. His q gives attack speed(mostly), his w shield and heal, e stuns, r (no one uses it so who cares jk). So we have 3 abilities that give independently 3 different kinds of attacking. So imaging having a champion (bruiser) whose skills are not independent from the others. For example pressing q-e-w would have a different result from pressing e-w-q. It would be like playing Taken or Mortal Combat in League. Lets see some first ideas about this fellow: Q :punch W :kick E : grab R: some sort of gap closer Q-E-W : damage + stun E-W-Q : damage + knock back This is the basic idea. I m not going to be more detailed about this because you may not like my idea. Any feedback would be appreciated.
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