Fiddle is getting reworked, I spent some time and came up with my own Idea, what do you guys think?

Passive: After not moving for 0.75 seconds you will have a aoe around you that slows all enemies inside and lasts for 2 seconds after moving again, if enemies are slowed and don't see you turn that slow into a fear effect once they gain vision on you (walking out of bush or flashing over a wall where you were in the FoW) this fear lasts for aslong as the enemy is inside the range of your passive, once outside the fear immediatly ends, fearing enemies with your passive has a cooldown that goes down slightly with levels. Q: Throw out a raven, it goes through all enemies but only deals 50% damage to all enemies hit after the first, all Champions hit by it get Blinded (Quinn blind) for a short duration W: Root yourself, draining Life out of every enemy around you, Monster, Minions and Champions, you gain a part of the damage as healing, moving cancels the skill but you are still rooted for 0.25 seconds after cancelling the Skill, the W lasts indefinite but costs mana per second and disables mana regeneration while it is active, Damage is increaed if only one enemy is inside the AoE E: Passiv: Received Healing is increased Active: When in bush camouflage while standing still R: Stays the same, triggers Passive and resets his Passives CD if castet while unseen Feedback is appreaciated, pointing out oversights too.
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