The art of Void Champs v.s the aesthetics of the void

I may not be a great artist or anything like that, and it is possible that I have missed some clues. But when I look at the current void champions, especially the old ones, I'm looking at you {{champion:31}} and {{champion:96}} , they don't really fits the aesthetics of the Void. After the big void update (If you wanna call it that), we have been given some images to see what the void is like and some of the creatures that lives there. And what I notice is that, the void likes to have sharp edges, twist and spiral around it self and doesn't look much organic at all, even the creatures. And that is fine, its totaly fine. But I think it puts the voidborn champs in a vierd spot since none of them, maybe except for {{champion:161}} really looks like they comes from the void anymore. I know this much to ask for, and I know there is no way this will be done over night, but pls. Make the Void born feel like the belongs to the void. I would like to point out that this guy here, says alot about this too, and it's definitely woth watching if any one gives a shit about how things matches to the lore.
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