New Project and Program skin ideas!

Hey guys! I was thinking of a few champions who would fit the 'Project' and 'Program' theme. I would love to hear your suggestions aswell! Let's start! {{champion:133}}: PROJECT: Quinn would be soo awesome! A cyberbird that flies you around? I think she would definitely fit in the G/NETIC subfaction of Ashe. I think of her as an assassin of the group. Also last year, people where predicting that Quinn would one of the new 'PROJECT' skins in the hunter teaser. People were predicting that it was Sivir, Diana and Quinn. Because Sivir and Quinn are HUNTERS. But anyways.. {{champion:131}}: PROJECT: Diana would be an awesome idea too. There are some 'PROJECT' fanarts of her, in which she's purple, but I don't know if that would work. People might mistake her as 'PROJECT: Vayne'. Maybe she could work with a blue colour? Who knows. I don't know in which fraction she would fit in (PROJECT or G/NETIC), but it would be awesome to see her work with 'PROJECT: Leona'. She could be a lone wolf like 'PROJECT: Vayne' aswell. {{champion:15}}: I know, I know, Sivir got her ''Delivery'' skin, but wouldn't it be awesome if she was in the 'PROJECT' skinline aswell? Many people were disappointed when she wasn't included, because 'PROJECT: Vayne' has the same voice actor as Sivir. And also... she's a HUNTER! Her ult fits so much. I think she would work with the G/NETIC's. She could be hunting 'PROJECT: Jhin' for his bounty, or something. And now to the 'Program' skinline... {{champion:203}}: Many people were thinking, if 'PROJECT: Kindred' would be a good skin concept, but I don't know about that. They aren't human, so they don't really fit in there. But as a Program? I was thinking.. since 'Program: Lissandra' has her public minions such as 'Program Soraka' and 'IBlitzcrank' (and the stealth one, Camille) maybe they could be a Program, that are hunting the other G/NETIC members or other malfunctioning PROJECTS such as 'PROJECT: Jhin'. Plus, a futuristic wolf and ultimate? That would be awesome! {{champion:429}}: I know, Kalista is a flop right now, but listen: I think she would fit in there. There is a concept of ''PROJECT: Kalista'', but she isn't really human aswell.. (well she's humanoid and that's it, lol), so I was thinking, could she be a hunter for the big boss Lissandra or a public figure? I could see her as a guard or some kind of police that protects the town, since her W gives vision and she slows people with her E. (To get the ''evildoers'', you get me?) It would be an awesome idea, but we know in which state Kalista is, so let's hope that she gets a buff or a rework. It would be a really cool concept to hear her with a ''Program'' voice and a have a allied Program Oathsworn? *looks at Soraka* I think that's it! If you made it this far, thank you so much for reading all of my ideas! Let me know what you think of them and post your ideas aswell! I would love to hear them! Lot's of love! xx
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