Champion kit idea, antispell/counterspell

So, basically I've come up with an idea that "spell {{champion:33}} " would be nice. A champion who doesn't really have a lot of damage in his own abilities but rather counters abilities of his enemies and harvests some of their power. I've also come up with his kit (with mostly silly placeholder names). Passive - **Stop hitting yourself!** - Passive which mimics abilities of nearby enemies (with a nice cooldown of course), but only at a small % of its power(scales with level) - for example, if enemy shields, you shield yourself, enemy empowers, you also empower, enemy uses a skillshot, you automatically shot a same skillshot towards enemy who used it. (Q, W and E in no specific order) **Counterspell **- Barrier simmilar to that of Sivir or Nocturne, but when it blocks a spell it applies its effect on enemy who used it with a % of its dmg. ** Siphon/Release** - Skill that gathers magic out of abilities around. When gathers enough (about 4 or 5 abilities), you can release it in form that depends on what skills enemies used. If most of those abilities were: * skillshots - it's a skillshot, * shields/barriers - it's a shield, * offensive on-click - self explanatory, * shields or heals that can be casted on allies - buff that can be casted on allies. Could also base it's damage type and whether it is based on AP/AD from type of stored abilities(like physical = AD and magical = AP). **Gimme that** - steals some AD/AP(whichever is dominant on a champion which this is casted on) for some time. Ultimate - **No ya don't** - for some time in area around the champion bounces portion of dmg and amplified effects of skills used by enemies in it and makes shield out of abilities that enter this area. Also mutes enemies who use abilities for the rest of **No ya don't** duration. It could also be a manaless champion with a story about him not being able to use magic on his own, but manipalating this going around him and storing it for himself.
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