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League of Legends Yorick Figurine WIP
Post with 1 views. Shared by enzosatera. League of Legends Yorick Figurine WIP
My favourite champion is {{champion:83}} Yorick Mori. Usually, it's the fan favourites that get turned into those cute figurines we love. I held out for a while when he was popular for that... 2 patch streak. To see if they maybe capitalized on his popularity - alas... he was not to be found. So i did the next best thing. I modelled one myself. I'll be 3D printing Mr Mori to sit on my shelf along with my other 10 poggers. (+12) Although this is a WIP he will eventually have his Spade and, a cape, a broken ground plate and possibly even a little ghoul to accompany him. He will be posed accordingly too. For now he can be alpha by T-posing. Just thought you guys might like to see him. If I Must...
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