SplashArts Update << Can you update tons of splasharts that are outdated for the Love of God>>

I talk wrote almost 3 years about this topic and even now Riot is to slow to finaly update all outdated SplashArts.Tons of splasharts that were old they replaced it with even worse arts and make it wanna puke when you are in screen waiting for a game to start with you favourite champions.. If you even now after all these years can&#039;t group up people who can focus 1,2 months to update the all outdated splasharts idk what to say anymore... Everyone who is perfectionist and who loves this game pls support this post so that they can finaly hear our cry for better looking Splasharts for our favourite champions because in the next patch maybe we will have even more need for better looking arts when they put certain skin that you use in the bar in the center of the screen. This is the list of the all outdated Splasharts that are horrible and deserve to be updated as soon as possible because this is a huge thing for all hard core League fans and players and exp. so much turn of when and disapointment when you see this arts used in live games..... Every other game i know all people who works for that game focus in every patch to update outdated skins only league don&#039;t obv care about them and i can bet that they earn more then all the other games combine so it&#039;s not the money problem it&#039;s something else like it will not pay off from updating skins when all who see new splasharts starts to buy skins..... 1-Stinger Akali 2-All-Star Akali 3-Black Alistar 4-Amumu base 5-Vancouver Amumu 6-Rusty Blitzcrank 7-Desperada Cassiopeia 8-Nightmare Cho&#039;Gath 9-Gentleman Cho&#039;Gath 10-Ice Toboggan Corki 11-Red Baron Corki 12-Toxic Dr.Mundo 13-Mr.Mundoverse 14-Mundo Mundo 15-Executioner Mundo 16-Shadow Evelyn 17-Masquerade Evelyn 18-Union Jack FIddlesticks 19-Spooky Gangplank 19-MinuteMan Gangplank 20-Sailor Gangplank 21-Toy Soldier Gangplank 22-Sanguine Garen 23-Desert Trooper Garen 24-Commando Garen 25-Dreadknight Garen 26-Rugged Garen 27-Scuba Gragas 28-HillBilly Gragas 29-Santa Gragas 30-Reaper Hecarim 31-Alien Invader Heimerdinger 32-Blast Zone Heimerdinger 33-Nightblade Irelia 34-Infiltrator Irelia 35-Tempest Janna 36-Hextech Janna 37-Commando Jarvan 38-Dragonslayer Jarvan 39-Temple Jax 40-Phantom Karthus 41-Statue of Karthus 42-Grim Reaper Karthus 43-Festival Kassadin 44-Silver Kayle 45-Viridian Kayle 46-Unmasked Kayle 47-Deadly Kennen 48-Swamp Master Kennen 49-Caterpillar Kog Maw 50-Sorceress Lux 51-Commando Lux 52-Shamrock Malphite 53-Vizier Malzahar 54-Djinn Malzahar 55-Ionia Master Yi 56-Samurai Master Yi 57-Headhunter Master Yi 58-Cowgirl MIss Fortune 59-Waterloo Miss Fortune 60-Secret Agent Miss Fortune 61-Dragon Knight Mordekaiser 62-Exiled Morgana 63-Galactic Nasus 64-Frozen Terror Nocturne 65-Void Nocturne 66-Ravanger Nocturne 67-Haunting Nocturne 68-Nunu Needs 3 splasharts update 69-Forsaken Olaf 70-King Rammus and there is at least 20 more splasharts around 100 outdated old bad looking arts that are still in the game that we love... Like comment and pls support if you also think that SplashArts deserve to be updated and help this post reach enough likes so that Rioters can see it and start to do something about this topic.. Ty all who watches this post very much and i wish you all the best in the game and life. ^m^ https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/fc/70/f8/fc70f8c7a86c4515de2908e74d29fe35--league-legends-game-art.jpg
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