Morgana and Kayle's Lore.

I WILL TRY TO MAKE THIS SHORT I have a story and name ideas, but that would be unnecessary to discuss here. {{champion:25}} and {{champion:10}} comes from a different world. A higher world. That world is ruled by an upper class, that dominates the lower class. The nobles all have wings, like angels, while the lower class are more like humans. The nobles are ruled by a few powerful families, once in a while they vote who will rule the council so there is a bit of power struggle between the most powerful ones in the realm. But that is not the case for {{champion:25}}{{champion:10}}'s family. They are from the "justice family", descendant from someone that saved the ruler at the time from a rebellion, and from that point became the protector family. The council members change over time, the rulers change, but for thousands of years the "Justice family" have had their position. The people(nobles) love them, the council trust them, the rulers are rulers as long as they are nice to them. While they do not rule, they are the most powerful and respected family in their world. {{champion:25}} and {{champion:10}} are sisters, {{champion:10}} are a few years older. Both are beautiful and strong in their own way. {{champion:10}} is known for her golden hair and physical strength, and excel in the magic that their family is known for. {{champion:25}} however is different, known for her beautiful wings and really powerful magic, but she did not do well with the magic of her family, nor is she very physical strong. Any other family would have love to have {{champion:25}} as their member, but not {{champion:25}}'s father. The only thing that matters to her father is the family name, as the family became stronger, so did their pride. They are supposed to be better than anyone else, and to recognize {{champion:25}} as strong is to recognize other family's strength as well. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As they grew up, {{champion:10}} was training to be the next family head, while {{champion:25}} was shunned by her father. Kayle was trained with discipline while {{champion:25}} would help her people, tend the gardens use her magic to cure people, and bake(a lot). {{champion:25}} did not see the things {{champion:10}} would have to do. The main job for their family was to keep the rulers and the nobles safe, and the biggest treat to their safety was, the commoners. People that wanted more, people that was sick and tired of the nobles taking everything for themselves while they were treated like salves. {{champion:10}} would punish those that went against their justice, and would learn to close her heart to the commoners struggle. She would learn that to keep order and peace there would require sacrifices. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (I'll try to wrap things up) At some point {{champion:25}} learn the hard way of the different treatment between people, she will try to help those that need help. Some of the commoners will learn this and use her, show her the struggle of the people and ask her to help them. She will try to help them and something goes wrong, they are caught and {{champion:25}} faces punishment. Normally her crime were small, she did not really do much harm, but she is a member of their family. and this shame would not stand in her fathers eyes. So he would decide her fate BANISMENT This also meant burning of her wings, as they were the symbol of nobility. The one that had to carry out the punishment, {{champion:10}}. - At this point for {{champion:25}}, --- {{champion:10}} was her big sister, her protector, the one that always stood up for her when her father would yell at her. The one that would train extra hard so their father would go easy on her. - For {{champion:10}} this was also a struggle. For years she had had to do terrible things in the name of Justice, close her heart and carry out the will of the council and her father. At the other hand this was her little sister, her best friend and the one that would remain pure while the rest of the world seems so cold at times. ---------------- {{champion:10}} did not say a word, she did not show her face under the helmet or show show sign of hesitation. She carried out the punishment and dragged {{champion:25}} and her wings towards the fire and burned her sister beautiful wings. Had {{champion:10}} stopped and protested here, all the other things she had done so far would come out for question in her heart, why would her own feelings mean more than others, why would her sister get a special treatment in the name of Justice. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Banished, broken in spirit, body and heart. {{champion:25}} would leave her peoples "Paradise" to face the real world alone. At some point she comes over and ancient cursed magic, she will draw from it and it will fill her heart with hatred and rage, while making her powerful. (This is a really simple way of talking about it but the text so far is so long). She will return to her people, carry out a rebellion, and kill her own father. While standing over her in the final moment he will look into her eyes as she deal the final blow, her eyes are focused at her task that must be done. He realize it his last moment that {{champion:25}} truly was his daughter. {{champion:25}} and {{champion:10}} will later fight, something happens and they are both brought to Runtera for unknown reasons. {{champion:10}} will later suspect that it was the void that drew them there, as the void hungers for the source of {{champion:25}} dark powers that have sealed itself in {{champion:25}}'s heart. (as {{champion:25}}'s body could not use all that power yet). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- {{champion:10}} also know that the key to the hidden weapon in the city of nobles (their world) can only be accessed with the blood of their father or someone with his blood. Unknown to this, {{champion:25}} destroyed his corpse when killing him, so now only the blood of {{champion:10}} or {{champion:25}} can open the seal. (This would be what drives {{champion:10}} as she don't know where {{champion:25}} now stand). Do {{champion:25}} still want revenge, or is she consumed by her powers, can she be saved, or must she be killed. Do {{champion:10}} want to return to her people and carry out her fathers rule or change their world for something better. THIS IS A SIMPLE VERSION OF IT, BUT I STILL LIKE IT BETTER THAN THE FALLEN ANGEL GOOD AND EVIL STUFF THAT PEOPLE TALK ABOUT. (this ended up a lot longer than I wanted). {{sticker:galio-happy}} oh 1 thing. I think {{champion:25}} works really well. To rework her kit would be to rework just to rework or to calm the people of low tier that cant dodge her q. But what if, you change her w a little: - Her Q gets a lower root duration, and her W get a extra effect. The second haft of the duration of her W will do more damage to minions and monsters. However if a Q lands in the W area before half the duration is over or the W is placed under a Q, the extra damage does not occur instead the Q's root duration is longer (live duration)
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