Tribunal App

So this is a concept for a Tribunal App which I think could help to reduce the Toxic Behaivor of some members of this community. Having it as an app would mean people could 'Judge' others on the move,on the toilet or when simply bored but it could also work on the website or the new client. You would press the big blue button to find a game where a player was reported over X times and then you could read the reports aseell as watching the game to see if he should be punished. A algorithm could highlight certain parts of the replay to shows where people swore in the chat and when the accused player died, you could watch those parts only to save time. After watching a replay you could choose a punishment for the reported player such as IP fine to the other player or a simple Ban. After X number of people have revised the same case a verdict could be made by an A.I based on all suggested punishment. Other Features - Rank system where you could climb the ranks to eventually become a Supreme Judge (or Legendary Judge). - Reward good judges to give players a reason to do this. I know this would take a lot of time to code and make but I think it could seriously help the Community. Hope you like the Idea. Love, %%%%%Slayer420
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