League needs to create a pure solo queue

I think league needs to implement a "pure solo" style of queuing. I am CONSTANTLY plagued by premade teams that quite simply %%%% up the game. Worst case scenario is a 4 man pre matched alongside me. 99% of the time the jungler refuses to gank my lane cause he's too busy sucking up to his premade, even if I'm ahead, the opponent is overextending and they have no summs. The same can be said if I'm being oppressed in lane and a gank would then allow that pressure to be reversed. Instead they gank their 0/10 bot and then flame as a group when I spam the pings for assistance. Keeping it purely solo would allow for better balanced matchmaking as well imo as it no longer relies on an average mmr. Looking at the stats for mid (which I've been practising quite well) I am way above average for this mmr. I'd love to play with and against players who offer similar ability. I don't mind losing close games, it's actually an enjoyable experience as I can scrutinise what went well/bad. But with these premades it means its a collection of significantly worse players on my team and as much as I'd like to 1v9 every game it rarely happens. Just my two cents on the issue, hopefully something like this is implemented soon.
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