The Summoneing

I was bored so I made a short fanfic. Hope you like it guys. _The cellar smelled of dust. The contents, mostly old magazines and some unused furniture, has been moved to make a space in the center. “Are you sure this is a good idea?” asked Mark. “Of course. The spell is legit, I got the scroll from a Wiccan girl in my class.” Greg answered. He was bespectacled and portly. And instigator of the whole summoning ritual. Back upstairs idea to summon a succubus seemed funny. But down here in the stuffy darkness Mark started having second thoughts. “I meant if it smart to summon a demon at all… You know, forces of darkness, losing immortal soul and all that other stuff.” Greg rolled his eyes. “Dude it’s cool. We summon the demon, have some fun” he chuckled meaningfully “and then get sent her back. What could go wrong?”_ _The scroll supplied by the Wiccan girl actually outlined what could go wrong. In great detail. For example a small mistake in a ward sigil could call the attention of Chaunzaggaroth the Devourer, who’d promptly suck the souls of unfortunate teens down to hell. Using white candles instead of black would cause the summoning ritual to invert and become a sending, relocating the would be summoners to dimension of eternal pain and suffering. Scroll went on and on about consequences of any even slight mistake. Greg somehow forgot to mention that to his friend. Very deliberately forgot._ _The afternoon transformed into an evening as the boys very carefully drew the pentagram surrounded by a circle of complex sigils and runes. Then they took black candles and put one at each arm of the star. Next was the incense. Then few drops of blood into the center of the summoning circle. Finally the hardest part, calling out the true name of the demon._ _Greg has been training for the last week. Wiccan girl warned him, that even a slightest mistake would call in the wrong demon. It was like calling the wrong number on the phone – someone will pick up, but it won’t be the person you want. He was somewhat heartened by the fact, that circle should hold anything he summoned by mistake in check. Unless he called one of the Princes of Hell or someone of similar caliber._ _He started chanting long, guttural sequence of syllables. It was supposed to be a hellish version of “for the good time call 555-124-256”. What he vocalized however was the forbidden name of the ancient force of death and destruction. Terrible black speech leaving his mouth was the name of being so malicious and hateful that other demons feared it. An evil older than stars. Eldritch abominations whose very form would bring madness and whose presence was enough to instill the primal dread into mortals._ _Whether it was mistake or very cruel prank of the Wiccan girl, what was coming wasn’t a succubus. As Greg was getting closer to ending the name temperature in the basement fell. Boys saw their breaths steaming in the air. Feeling of primal horror started feeling their minds, but it was too late to stop. The ritual gained the life of it’s own and more and more blasphemous, inhuman sounds were leaving Greg’s throat on their own. His eyes went wide with fear. He felt a chill down to his bones, a madness inducing panic overtaken him and yet he was unable to stop the chant. Its pitch got higher and higher, transforming into an ear piercing screech._ _Finally a shape formed inside the ring. Summoning circle flashed weakly. Once, twice and the disappeared out of existence. The boys looked at the figure they summoned and they could not comprehend its shape. After a moment filled with mounting terror it spoke. “Never underestimate the power of scout’s code!” Mark and Greg screamed._
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