[Champion Concept] Durrbee, the Humble Farmer

This is my first Champion concept; 1 of 4 concepts, as it happens. --- **Lore: ** Durrbee comes from one of Bandle City's least sociable families. Hardly anyone knows him, and there's hardly anyone he wants to know. His introverted nature has him quietly run a little vegetable farm on the outskirts of Bandle, minding his own business. He's formed a special bond with his land, considering he never leaves it. Whenever someone comes near, or something disturbs it, he knows, and gets grumpy for it. One particular disturbance got Durrbee particularly edgy, causing him to go out and investigate. What he came across was a rat in goggles, throwing casks of a strange green liquid everywhere. Durrbee became grumpy beyond measure. He started yelling at the rat and throwing soil at it, but the rat kept going invisible. Eventually, Durrbee was forced into a monstrous rage, and he lost all sense of himself. He thrashed and wailed like a beast gone mad, and summoned a burst of speed to rival that of Master Yi. The rat's stealth was no match for Durrbee's fury, and he was eventually caught. What saved the rat from being throttled to death by the Yordle was the cheese in his back pocket, for its smell was simply unbearable to the crazy farmer. Durrbee. eager to be rid of the smell, struck the vermin with such force that he has sent hurtling away, out of sight. Having calmed down to his slightly grumpy self, Durrbee set about trying to salvage his ruined vegetables, but to no avail. Agitated and upset that something would bother him on purpose, he vowed to go and bother everyone else. He became a complete nuisance in Bandle, making everyone grumpy like himself. Before long, a fellow Yordle told Durrbee about the League of Legends, and that the rat he so hated was there. (it only took a week for every citizen to hear about the "Vermin in Goggles"). Mumbling some sort of half-hearted thanks, Durrbee went home to prepare his stuff to go join the league. He has a score to settle. --- **Overview:** Primary Role: Tank Secondary Role: Fighter His medley of utility and damage allows Durrbee to fit a multitude of roles, but he excels most at toplaning, although his jungling capability is not to be overlooked. The overall jist of what he does is, like his vegetables, 'plant' himself somewhere and be unmoved. Basically, claiming patches of land. His hyper scaling from eating vegetables is supposed to encourage people to eat more vegetables. (But hopefully not to eat more bad/rotten vegetables). He's a dark-blue male Yordle that wears a flat-cap. (Supposed to look like a slightly blue mole, so with that, his hands are quite large). Quotes inspired by the moles from Brian Jacques' *Redwall.* (Which is an exaggerated Somerset accent.) --- **Base stats:** Health 610 (+92) Health regen. 8.9 (+0.95) Mana 312 (+45) Mana regen. 8.0 (+0.1) Melee 125 Attack damage 63.15 (+3.7) Attack speed 0.615 (+2.5%) Armor 30.0 (+3.6) Magic res. 32.1 (+1.35) Mov. speed 340 --- **Abilities:** Passive:*** Advances in Fertiliser*** Every 3 minion/monster kills, Durrbee gains +0.05 mana regen. ===== Q: ***Mud Toss/Eat*** Costs 70/65/60/55/50 mana. Cooldown None. *>Passive:* If Durrbee has a hand free, he will pick up a clump of soil. *>Active:* **Eat**: Durrbee will eat whatever** vegetable(s)** he's holding. **Toss:** Durrbee hurls a **clump of soil** at a target, dealing 60/65/70/75/80 + (40% of AD) damage and reducing that target's visibility based on how many clumps he's thrown at them. (Stacks) **~** **Eat** will take priority over **Toss**. **~** He has two hands, so can hold up to 2 **vegetables**, or up to 2 **clumps of soil.** **~** Max Toss Stacks: 2. Each stack will reduce the target's visibility by 20 units. **~** Stacks last for 2 seconds. Adding a stack will add 2 seconds onto the timer. **~** Durrbee will pick up a clump of soil every 20/18/16/14/12 seconds, if he can. (If he has two hands free, he will pick up a second clump 1 second after picking up the first.) **~** You can see the vegetables in his hands. There'll also be icons for the vegetables he's holding in the bottom-left of the HUD. (Like all other active effect icons). ===== W: ***Allotment *** Durrbee can create an allotment for growing **vegetables**. Costs 100 mana. Cooldown 10 seconds Creating an allotment will 'inflict **blight*** upon the currently active allotment'. There is no limit to the number of allotments he can have at one time. The allotment will be a square of land with 6 slots for growing **vegetables.** Each **vegetable** takes **1 point of his mana regen.** to grow. Right-clicking on a slot will randomly plant one of three **vegetables** Each vegetable takes 30 seconds to grow. Once fully grown, no longer takes up his mana regen. Right-clicking on a slot with a fully grown vegetable will harvest that vegetable, taking up one of Durrbee's hands to hold, ready to eat. An enemy can destroy the allotment by standing on it for 0.5 seconds. ***Vegetables*** include: **~ Potato: **Eating will **restore 5% + (15% AP)** of missing health. **~ Carrot:** Eating will **temporarily increase** Durrbee's sight radius by** 50 units.** **~ Turnip:** Eating will **permanently increase** Durrbee's **Armour and Magic resist by 2, and his size by 1%** **Blight** stops you from being able to grow anything on the blighted allotment. The allotment will be destroyed once all vegetables in it are harvested. ***Blight effects on vegetables:*** **~ Potato:** Eating will apply a stack of **Sickly Grump**, which visually makes Durrbee look grumpier, and slightly purple. When Durrbee dies with **Sickly Grump** active, a puff of noxious gas will burst from his body,** expending all stacks of Sickly Grump**, and applying a poison DOT to nearby enemies, dealing a total of **60 + (30% of AP) damage (per stack)** over** 4 seconds **to afflicted units. Durrbee's health is **reduced by 5% of current health** for each stack of **Sickly Grump**. (Unlimited stacks). **~ Carrot:** Eating will **permanently increase** the duration of his** E** by **0.1 seconds.** **~ Turnip** Eating will **permanently increase** his **AD by 2**, but **reduce** his **Armour and Magic resist by 0.5.** (Icon examples for Potato, Blighted Potato, and Carrot:) http://i.imgur.com/798so2D.png[/img] http://i.imgur.com/NKUk5VL.png[/img] http://i.imgur.com/UIY1mF7.png[/img] ===== E: ***Going Down*** Costs 60/55/50/45/40 mana. Cooldown 20/17.5/15/12.5/10 seconds. Durrbee will dig a hole in the ground, and sit in it for up to **1/2/3/4/5 seconds + Blighted Carrot stacks**, making him completely immobile and invulnerable for the duration. (Zhonya's). Reactivating the ability will turn off the effect. Whilst in the ground, he'll just mumble to himself. ===== R:***"Gerroff moi land!"*** Costs 120/110/100 mana. Cooldown 160/140/120 seconds. Durrbee goes into a fit of terrible rage, increasing **all his stats and the effects of all is abilities by 10/20/30%** until **all** enemies have been removed from a **700 unit** radius around his **nearest allotment**, or until his **nearest allotment** is destroyed. The allotment the enemies need to destroy will have a large symbol of sorts above it. Whilst active, his auto attacks knock back enemies by **20/30/40 units**, with each auto attack striking units in a **30 degree arc** in front of him. He also goes hunched over, and bears his teeth. --- *Hidden passive: Having a Bami's Cinder makes his vegetables cook, making their effects 0.5% better. Having a Leona on the team makes his vegetables grow 0.5 seconds faster. He gets a bit fidgety when someone goes near one of is allotments. **Quotes:** ***Champion select:*** *"Ho, Oi most surrpintly loiks moi veggibles, burr aye." ("I most certainly like my vegetables.")* ***Special quote to friendly Twitch:*** "If'n ee stays away from moi veggible patches, we'mz bain't beez 'aving a problem." ("If you stay away from my vegetable patches, we won't be having any problems.") ***Special quotes to an enemy Twitch:*** "Keep yon 'orrible smelling cheese away from moi veggibles!" "Oi'll plant ee gudd an' firm 6 feet unner, ee gurt turrible varmint!" ("Keep your horrible smelling cheese away from my vegetables!") ("I'll plant you good and firm 6 feet under, you greatly terrible vermin!") Most of his quotes are him mumbling to himself, with angry tones for taunts, and cheeky tones for jokes. He sounds progressively grumpier the more **Blighted Vegetables** he eats. --- ***Release skin:*** Subterranean Durrbee; 520 RP He wears a high-viz jacket and mining helmet, along with mechanical digging gloves. --- [Super late game, 1 hour in or so:] *"Hey, let's go and kill Baron so we can break their base!" "Yeah, quick, while they're milling around mid."* -They make haste to the Baron pit, but fail to notice that Durrbee isn't on the map- *"I'll engage Baron while you guys ward." "nah m8 u gon get rekt." "Watch me."* -Durrbee happens to be 'planted' just behind Baron, where no-one can see him- *-"An ally has been slain!"* *"i told u u gon get rekt." "nvm, we can still take Baron without the support."* -Baron does his knockup, Durrbee comes out of the ground- * ~"Gerroff moi land!"~ "Oh SUGARLUMPS!"* -Durrbee rams them against the walls of the Baron pit with his ulted-up auto attacks- -a few seconds later; *"PENTA-KILL!"*- -One minute later; *"Defeat."*- Because failing to notice the hyper-scaling monster, who's been doing nothing but farming, literally, all game, isn't on the map will cause you problems.
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