Silverfang skin line for assassins, and assassins only !!

well that akaly skin rework is AWSOME, still have that onetrick vibe to it !! i feel like that skin was inspired by black ops 2/3, but honestly, i thinc it's a missed oportunity to not make it a skin line, it's a time line that is somwhere btwean RIOT polie classic ionia (china) in the back ground, further more, ther are no assassin only skinlines, bloodmoon started with shen to begin with, and zed still don't have a legendary skin, and i know he have a project, i know katarina does too, but it wuld still be awesome to see zed and talon in skins that migh exist today in the spesial ops (black ops lol) just like specter from COD BO3, his clones could be hologrames just like project but with diferent colors and more details, his Q would be a 4 ponted star shouriken, and plz give him a cooler looking E, the ult would be resembling projects but without that much of a warning on the popoff. Talon W would have a spesial animation and sound when they open and look like genjis shouriken, his outfit would look like a real 2050 assassin't creed, and his Q would be a retractable blade that only come out when he Q, aa would be done with a dager or military knokles, and pls mak his E mark on walls animated, like omega veigar cage outlines, his ult would be prety much the same exept the aa or q would like leave somthing on the target that would like trakt the bladest to it, like a small dot on the target with a diferent aa/Q animation, and his crit in aa/Q would have like an alectric tazer tough to it, so to make it cooler. Kattarina...honestly IDK... was never goo at her, this one or the old one, but i belive having reversed blades (karambit knif), he ult would still use kunais tho. thows are all the ides i have. plz help with kata tho
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