"There was an idea....

{{champion:33}} Ok! So we all know that you can gift somebody a skin or champion from the shops. But new feature that would be very fun and useful is the ability to trade skins shard from your loot with others for example I have : Slayer {{champion:222}} ,Firecracker {{champion:222}} ,Soulstealer {{champion:8}} ,Project {{champion:236}} ,Ashen Lord {{champion:136}} ,Championship {{champion:412}} ,Mafia {{champion:21}} ,Death Blossom {{champion:60}} First of all Im not Adc Main and most of those skin shard I will not upgrade I know there are really good skins but I never upgrade those what I do not like or need so for me they are useless (_ I only have skins what i like not trying collect all_ ) But i know someone is Jinx Main or Thresh and it would be really good if we could trade skin shard with others who really like them, I know Riot is all about money so maybe use like 50 RP for every trade or something I mean just so u can start trade u need spend little RP, because we all know it will never be for free so this would be really good, this is reason why i still keep those shards i hope some day... What do u think guys?! Is it good idea ? {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
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