mage(ish) champ concept

Passive - Chain Lightning - spells/abilities/aa on the same unit apply a mark. once a unit has 3 (maybe more?) stacks of mark, _any_ ability activates the mark, chaining lightning to nearby enemies from the unit that had the mark. (amount increases by 1 every 3 levels or so? like at lvl1 can chain to 1 extra. lvl3 can chain to 2 extra, lvl6 can chain to 3 extra, lvl9 . . . etc?) Q - Lightning Whip - fires lightning in a line, stopping on first unit hit and applying stacks of passive to nearby units (increases max reach of chain lightning per Q level?). W - Energy Field - small energy field that deals damage per second. (like {{champion:30}} E maybe? but with a smaller radius?) E - Dash - dashes a short distance, and can hop over walls. applies passive marks to units hit. R - Railgun - slows move speed and charges a shot. longer charge = more damage and range. Upon release fires extremely high speed projectile that passes through everything, each champ it passes through reduces its damage. Small hit box. (max charge time similar to Vi's Q? And can hold charge for a while?) Those are really creative names for the W, E and Passive, aren't they? Also, if at all possible, I'd like a red comment from someone in the design team (maybe, I'm not even sure if they patrol the boards or not.) just so they can tell me if they liked any of these ideas above. =)
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