Missing champion or am I crazy?

Hi all Something popped in my head that's been bugging me for the last hour and I can't find an answer anywhere, I tried asking my friend but he had no idea either. I remember a few months ago, around December/January when I used to play a few custom games vs bots to learn the game a little better there was a champ that 9/10 was on the enemy team when I played but I can't seem to find him now, and no it's not Zilean for those who think that. I don't remember the name of this certain champ but I do remember he looked like a human clock with all the cogs and bits and all, also one of his attacks he would do like a robot dance where he sticks his arms out bending downwards 90 degrees from his elbows, then he tilts his head, also he was a real pain when it came to slows. I've tried googling, I've tried looking at every champ in the game and I can't seem to find him or anything close to this champ which makes me unsure if this is some kind of bot in the game but not actual champ or if i'm going crazy. Hoping someone out there with an idea of what i'm talking about can give me an answer.
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