Bianca's fan champion spotlight

Welcome to the League of Legends fan champion spotlight, featuring Bianca, the Siren of Bandle! (Picture made by Jazz the yordle.) In the heart of Bandle, a young female yordle lived to sing, hoping it could somehow make a difference for the best of the yordlekind. One day, she set out into the forest to find her purpose and started her usual singing. Everything was willing to listen to her, the animals, the plants, the trees, the flowers, even nature itself. The singing caught the attention of the greenfather who wished to bless her with powers based on her voice to be used wisely. And with this newfound power, Bianca set out to help Runeterra and any stray yordles out of their homes with it. But in order to be at her best to help, she needs an audience. **Champion abilities** Let's start by talking about her passive: Passive - Demand of the audience Her passive is Demand of the audience, in combat, she's always supposed to be the star of her own war themed musical, but she never relies on items to get herself stronger. Her abilities have no scaling with any of her stats, AP, AD, Health, nothing. But she is reliant on ONE scaling that's controlled in game, which is called "spectators". Spectators are all ingame champions, either allies or enemies. Her passive makes her abilities scale depending on the number of champions of both teams within range of Bianca's spells. This leaves Bianca to be entirely reliant on auto attacks, her own team mates and enemies to be stronger. Everytime she casts an ability on an ally, she gains half the ability's effects to herself, allowing to help out as well in combat or for survival. Because Bianca sings her spells, everytime she's singing any of her basic abilities, despite not being channeled, any silence or suppression causes her to prematurely stop her singing and cancel the ability on both herself and any allies/enemies affected by her spells at the time the CC happens. Q - Inspiring tune Inspiring tune is your team mate's bread and butter, it's a point and click ability on an ally and causes the next 5 auto attacks or abilities to have increased damage depending on the number of spectators, this effect lasts up to 8 seconds if all stacks are not consumed. Level 1: +0.5% damage (plus 0.5% per spectator, up to 5%) Level 2: +1% damage (Plus 1% per spectator, up to 10%) Level 3: +1.5% damage (Plus 1.5% per spectator, up to 15%) Level 4: +2% damage (Plus 2% per spectator, up to 20%) Level 5: +2.5% damage (Plus 2.5 per spectator, up to 25%) Note: Bianca gains half of these stats to herself. Use Inspiring tune when going in for trades or to help allies last hit better, adcs tend to be in better mood when their CS is "tuned in" for success. W - Peaceful whisper Peaceful whisper is the defensive side of your skill set, another point and click ability on an ally that causes a short timed heal for a percentage of their maximum HP, this is the only spell that doesn't scale with the number of spectators. Level 1: Up to 4% over 5 seconds. Level 2: Up to 8% over 5 seconds. Level 3: Up to 12% over 5 seconds. Level 4: Up to 16% over 5 seconds. Level 5: Up to 20% over 5 seconds. Note: Bianca gains half of these stats to herself. Peaceful whisper allows allies to survive trades or to counter enemy poke, just mind it's long cooldowns when deciding to activate it. And remember, even though it has no stat scaling, items such as forbidden idol and spirit visage still increases the healing effects of this ability, so plan your itemization carefully if you're planning to keep your team and yourself, alive longer. E- Deafening screech Deafening screech is her offensive ability, it causes her to scream in a cone, causing any enemies caught within range to become silenced and slowed for a short time, the scaling of spectators determine the lenght of the silence and the effectiveness of the slow. Silence: 0.25 seconds (Plus 0.25% per spectator, up to 2.5 seconds.) Slow: 15% (Plus 5% per spectator, up to 60% slow) for 2 seconds. Note: Unlike the other abilities, these only reduce cooldowns on scaling, consider not prioritizing this skill if going for cdr first. Every support needs something to help the team lock down enemies, a magical voice can only do so much, but the ability to disrupt the enemy team is always handy to counter ganks or put the enemy in bad spots, consider screaming at enemies that are piling onto your side of the audience to give them a chance to escape, or on enemies attempting to get away to make them think twice before attempting to rudely leave the show. R - Final melody Her ultimate is Final melody, it has some passive and active attributes: Passively, the rank of the ult determines the range of her basic abilities, the more points into it, the farther they reach your audience, allowing to increase the effectiveness of your abilities. Keep in mind that the passive is always at rank 3 range during the active part of the ultimate. It's active causes her to start a musical for 20 seconds, causing the effectiveness of her basic abilities to affect all allies for the halved the ammount that would affect Bianca as long as they sit within the range of your ultimate, refreshing their duration. Your allies gain an aura to indicate that they're in range. Enemies inside her aura are nearsighted to anything outside her aura due to her singing being "too distracting". Don't forget that her screech does not come into play during her ultimate, it's unproffessional to scream during your song. While Final Melody is in play, your basic abilities gain a new active effect during it's course, you can only use these abilities once per ult cast, the abilities are as follow: Your inspiring tune causes all allies within range to instantly do their max rank damage, acting as she was singing to a full audience on their next auto attack or ability before returning to their current settings of the situation. Your Peaceful Whisper causes all allies and yourself within range to become inmune to CC and damage for 3 seconds. Your Deafening screech causes her to sing a high pitched song that deafens all enemies in range so badly that instead it stuns them for the same duration of her silence, not granting the slow afterwards. Silencing or suppressing Final Melody does not cancel the ultimate, but causes the effect of her basic abilities to be denied to herself and allies for the duration of the crowd control in question before resuming the musical. Final Melody is what makes her the ultimate presence and the main focus of all players by turning her musical into an objective control. Enemies have to kill her and allies have to make use of her supportive abilities. The nearsight effect of her ultimate allows assassins of her team to circle around the fight in order to make easier picks. Her inspiring tune and peaceful whisper keeps tanks and carries alive as long as Bianca's alive and her improved abilities allows them to survive enemy bursts. Her high pitched singing can be used both offensively or defensively to control the enemy team. Just remember that you can only use these improved abilities once per ultimate, so pick the timing wisely. Bianca has to also watch out for enemy carries and champions with the right crowd control that will attempt to shut down her concert prematurely, otherwise you might want to start refunding their money back. Gameplay: In lane, you want to start with an ancient coin or a spellthief's edge, the mana regeneration is still an important factor for your skills, otherwise you'll leave Bianca with a sore throat. When laning, you have to pick the timing of your skills wisely and effectively, not only they're on lenghty cooldowns early game, but your effectiveness is reduced due to so little people attending to your show. Try to save your abilities when trading with the enemy or when a gank is happening, either in your favor or against you, this ensures you're not caught off guard while your abilities are down. Remember that your audience can't hear your lovely voice if they're dead and you're less powerful if little people are around to listen. So if your allies die, you're in for a damaging blow to your career and a deadly finale to your life. Because damage and defensive stats don't affect your abilities, your itemization relies entirely on AD for your autos, defenses to keep you alive or utility to increase your usefulness, but don't be discouraged of buying some items, their active stats can still help in combat depending on the situation, so study your match up and build accordingly. Finally, during team fights, remember that you're the main focus, but also the one in control. Pay attention to your surroundings and time your abilities well to keep the fight in check. One small misuse of your abilities can create an opening for the enemy team to trash the stage, but at the same time it can lead to a spectacular performance with the support of your allies, the key is co-operation and communication, remember, you're entirely dependant on your audience to maintain your usefulness until the curtain closes and a Nexus is destroyed. Thanks for tuning in to Bianca's fan champion spotlight, altough this spotlight might be forgotten eventually, it's an interesting character development that could be worth to test it out in actual game if Riot is willing to keep her as intact to the suggestion as possible. Possible skins: - Noxian Bianca - Siren Bianca - Popstar Bianca - Snow princess Bianca
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