Nikana , The Unseparated

**Lore: ** Nikana was a girl from Wuju trained on using the wuju style. but, she was a disappointment to her master where she cannot learn the wuju style. time passed but Nikana still the disappointment and all day and night her parents and teacher ask her why she's bad and she cannot be like "young master" (Master yi) but she always tell them she refused the wuju style because it is not her style not the way she wanna use a sword she always wanna have a katana and use a swift technique dashing and jumping over and over but they told her the wuju let you dash and jump she said :"Meditation, Calmness are not the way i wanna be". more time passed and before the invasion she left the village with a katana in her hand that she named "Nikana" as a refrence of herself and years passed Nikana found a abandoned shelter near the sea and she was always trying to pass the limit of a normal human speed and teleporting to a target but the thing is after 2 years she found that the katana is alive the katana is herself while knowing that she found how she can pass the normal speed limit dashing and teleporting through things **Abilities:** _Passive: The Way of the Blade:_ After killing an enemy Nikana dashes through all enemy units around the killed (Radius:350 Units) dealing damage based on lvl 1-18 35/45/55/65/75/85/95/105/115/125/135/145/155/165/175/185/195/205 (+40% Attack Damage) Marking the first Champion hit for 3s and teleporting to the nearest Enemy unit (if there is no enemy unit she return to the killed target). Nikana also converts 50% of her Ability Power to Attack Damage. _Q: Trespassing Dash:_ Active: Nikana turns one with the blades and teleports to the Marked target body during the dash Nikana is untargetable by spells however she's only targetable by stuns/roots and they stop her, forcing her to leave the blade and get stunned for double the duration and she gets double damage for 2 secs. but if Nikana damages the target she deals damage based on the spell's lvl 1-5 70/90/110/130/150 (+30% Ability Power)(+55% Attack Damage) Magic Damage she always leave infront of her target (Range:700 Units).(CD:12s)(Cost:No Cost) (Trespassing Dash never removes the Mark) _W: The Blade's Wrath:_ Passive: Nikana's autoattacks consume the Mark dealing damage based on lvl 1-5 30/60/90/120/150 (+40% Ability Power)(+10% Attack Damage) Physical Damage. Active: Nikana sends her blade to a target dealing damage based on lvl 1-5 30/60/90/120/150 (+30% Ability Power)(+10% Attack Damage) Magic Damage and consuming the Mark dealing the Passive's damage (Range:550 Units). (CD:7s)(Cost:No Cost) _E: Death Blossom:_ Active: Nikana's dashes through an enemy dealing damage based on lvl 1-5 10/20/30/40/50 (+10% Ability Power)(15% Attack Damage) True Damage.(CD:5s)(Cost:No Cost) (Range:450 Units) (Death Blossom Applies On-hit effects and consume the Mark, if the Target has no Mark Death Blossom applies the Mark). _R: Living Step:_ Active: Nikana dashes through a low health enemy (the enemy must be below 50% max health) dealing damage based on lvl 1-3 100/150/200 (+40% Attack Damage) Physical Damage.(CD:10s) (CD on target:90/75/60) (Range:150 Units) and after Nikana casts Living Step she get more damage from the dashed through Enemy by 80%/70%/60% for 4s.(Living Step Consume the Mark Dealing The Blade's Wrath passive damage). **Pros:** -Lots of Mobility. -Huge Burst Damage. **Cons:** -Very Squishy Target. -Vulnerable After Using all Abilities. -Very Vulnerable in team fights. **Stats:** Health:509 (+70 per level) Attack Damage:69 (+3.4 per level) Attack Speed:NaN (+2.1%per level) Movement Speed:350 Health Regen:6.9 (+0.9 per level) Armor:29 (+2.5 per level) Magic Resist:30 (+1.3 per level) **Gameplay:** How to Counter: -Use your stuns when she use her Q and then burst her. -After she uses her full combo and R flash and burst her. -After she uses her full combo and R she has no gap closer so it is important to flash/dash away. How to Play: -Use your Q after the enemy uses their stuns and save your E as a gap closer. -Dont try to go in teamfights you are so easy to die there even you have a team full of tanks. -In laning phase try to snowball as much as you can. **{{summoner:31}} I have gave my idea i really appreciate that any of the champion desiners accept it {{summoner:31}} **
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