New way to show how well you perform in game - Addition(s) to KDA?

**Tl;dr:** To possible Ideas for new in game scores. Initiation-score for initiating a kill. Saviour-score for blocking incoming damage that would have killed an ally. --- Hey guys, I was watching a video about supports in League of Legends. The topic was: _"Why is support the most hated role in League of Legends." _ The maker of this video said, that supports don’t get as many rewards as carries or solo laners for playing well. If you play on top lane and your CS is good, you and everyone else can see that. If you get solo kills, everyone can see that too. You can check your match history and actually see how well you did in your past games. As support you don’t get that option. Sure, you can check your assists, but where is the difference between an awesome grab by Blitzcrank on the enemy carry that resulted in a kill and a random auto attack from an ally standing nearby? There is none, you won’t see any difference in your score. Yes, after the game you can watch how much you healed or stuff like that, but let’s be honest, unless you want to check damage, the majority is not looking at those statistics. Also, let’s say you healed 10k HP. Was that good or bad? You might not be able to tell. So, I was thinking: _How can you give support and every other role a new way to show how well they perform?_ (In game and in your match history or stats). --- **Initiation-score** This was the first thing that came to my mind and is probably the easiest to realize. It is a score that shows how many takedowns you initiated. - Example 1: Blitzcrank pulls the enemy ADC, resulting in a kill and let’s say two assists. Blitzcrank as the initiator of that kill gets +1 on his initiation-score. - Example 2: Malphite flanks the enemy team and gets a four-man ult. His team is able to follow up and they kill three of them (one lucky guy got away). Resulting in three kills, a bunch of assists and +3 on Malphite’s initiation-score. ----- **Saviour-score** This might be a little tough to implement or needs a bit of thinking. This score is for those who use abilities, active items, summoner spells etc. to save others from dieing. To make this clear, I’m talking about damage, that is about to hit a target, that you block in any kind of way. - Example 1: Good old Caitlyn ultimate is about to hit your carry to finish him of. You manage to block it so he survives. By doing this you get +1 on your saviour-score. - Example 2: You are Soraka. You just got picked off by the enemy Team. Your team is about to get crushed but two of them manage to get away with almost no HP left. The enemy Karthus smashing his R key, to score that sweet double kill. Just in time you respawn and cast your Ultimate and save those poor little souls. +2 on your Saviour score. Just tell me how you think about this. Cheers, JollySalmon

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