Picking system (Why not being able to dislike a role)

I like the system where we get to choose a most favoured and second most favoured role. Up until now, player have been giving 3 options to choose from: -Firstpick (mainrole), secondpick (secondmain role) this leaves us with a lot of adc's picking support second because they are used to botlane for instance. Or toplaner picking jungle second as a lot of bruisers/tanks come a long way in the jungle. -firstpick mainrole, secondpick fill, is perfect for players that don't really care about their second pick; if they don't get their mainrole, they rather have their team having their picks. -the last one bothers me though, when picking fill, firstly: i have the feeling my team does not always get their firstpicks, leaving me in a worse spot, secondly , and this is my question: wouldn't it be cool for a second pick to be negative. So someone could choose: (firstpick:fill, secondpick:rather not top). It should not be such hard to implement this as sometimes you don't get any of your picks. I've picked adc:support multiple times while getting jungle so it's not like it breaks the system. But it would be cool to fill for your team without getting your worst lane, so like an antipick. Would like to know your thoughts guys
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