[Champion Concept] Demo, the Divided Master

Demo is a twin-form fighter kinda like {{champion:141}} but works with 2 different mechanics: -His form is determined based on his bonus AD/AP -His forms can theoretically change during the game. *-* **Lore summary:** Basically he was possessed by 2 different spirits, one of divine light and one of absolute darkness, he willingly let them possess him but they refuse to work together. *-* **Looks:** **Light form:** White, "upwards" spiky hair, wears a white, gold-lined cloak, blue eyes, skin tainted slightly gold, hands have a blue glow. **Dark form:** Black, messy hair, wears a black, silver-lined cloak, red eyes, skin tainted slightly purplish, hands have red/purple claws. *-* **Kit:** > **Twinned Nature-Passive:** > Depending on if he has more bonus AP or more bonus AD Demo changes forms. (AP for light AD for dark). > -If he doesn't have either one he is naturally dark >Both forms are melee **Light Form:** > **Holy Stigmata-Passive:** > After hitting an enemy champion with a spell it gets marked, hitting the marked enemy with another spell refunds it's mana cost and 50% of it's remaining cooldown and slows the enemy. > -Can only occur once every 10 seconds per champ. > **Divine Blast-Q:** > **Type:** AoE skillshot > **Mana cost:** 50-90 > **Cooldown:** 12-5 > **Active:** Throws a ball of light at a targeted area, dealing magical damage. > **Damage:** 50-150 (+45% AP) > **notes:** Works like Corki Q but has a longer range and a smaller radius > **Blinding Light-W:** > **Type:** Cone > **Mana cost:** 80-110 > **Cooldown:** 18-10 > **Active:** Releases light in a cone, dealing magical damage, enemies looking towards it will be blinded and silenced. > **Blind/Silence Duration:** 1-2.75 seconds > **Damage:** 65-190 (+33% AP) > **notes:** Works like Cass ult but has a thinner radius and less range. > **Prismal Pulse-E:** > **Type:** Channel -> Self-AoE + Dash > **Mana Cost:** 75-130 > **Cooldown:** 18-10 seconds > **Active:** Channels for a short duration, then released light all around himself dealing damage and dashing to a target location. > **Damage:** 80-190 (+33% AP) > **Channel Duration:** 1.5 seconds > **Blazing Light-R:** > **Type:** AoE skillshot > **Mana Cost:** 200-300 > **Cooldown:** 16 seconds > **Active:** Chooses an area on the map, after a delay a beam of light will come down from the sky dealing damage. > **Damage:** 400-600 (+50% AP) > **Delay:** 3-1.75 seconds **Dark Form:** > **Shadow Stigmata-Passive:** > Hitting an enemy champion or a large jungle monster with a spell or a basic attack marks them, 20% (50% on jungle monsters) of all damage Demo takes is redirected into that unit as true damage. > -Baron and Dragon take 25% damage. > -The mark runs out after 3 seconds if Demo hasn't hit that unit. > **Claw Reap-Q:** > **Type:** Auto-Attack Buff > **Mana Cost:** 30-60 > **Cooldown:** 7-3 seconds after last stack is used > **Stack amount:** 3-5 > **Active:** Following basic attacks gain a short ranged lunge and deal bonus damage. > **Damage:** 10-45 (+10% total AD +5% of targets maximum health (and obviously what you attacks would normally do) > > **Black Strike-W:** > **Type:** Arc > **Mana Cost:** 50-85 > **Cooldown:** 8 seconds > **Active:** Slashes the area in front of him in an arc, dealing damage and slowing hit enemies. > **Damage:** 70-150 (+50% bonus AD) > **Demon Flight-E:** > **Type:** Leap > **Mana Cost:** 80 > **Cooldown:** 8 seconds > **Active:** Leaps into target location, dealing damage and slowing all units hit. > **Damage:** 20-90 (+33% total AD) > **Heart Swap-R:** > **Type:** Special > **Mana Cost:** 100 > **Cooldown:** 120/90/60 seconds > **Active** Attaches onto an enemy champion within melee range, "equalizing" their HP based on % (cannot lose own HP from this, it's a drain, not instant) > **notes:** this is not affected by grievous wounds, armor or anything, Demo does not take damage during this. *-* The Dark form plays as an AD bruiser and the Light form plays as full AP. So tell me what you think, don't think on the numbers too hard I'm not good with them and they can be nerfed/buffed if needed, this is mainly about kit design generally.
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