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Roeh : Petrege
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Roeh is a murderer who once worked with Khad Jhin, leaving a strong footprint on him. They have been locked together in the prison for many years. But after a while they went mad and became psychopaths who were arts. Hired by the Ionian government, they killed various enemies and received decent pay for it. But finally, Roeh realized that the door opened and he fled. He did not run, however, because the Ionian soldiers found him and dragged him back. There they tortured him and made him various horrible things. But his body, after a time, did not survive the continual damage, and thus denied service. Ionia did not plan this, and so scared of what they did brought him back to life. Unfortunately, his hand and lungs did not work. So they created him a suit that he could breathe and a new steel hand powered magic. Now he has come back and tries to establish a connection with Jhin so that they can murder and create new breathtaking artwork together. [PASSIVE ABILITY] (Rattlesnake) Each first shot at the enemy has a bonus on attack speed. 5 seconds [Q] (Fully Fire) Roeh will aim at the target and shoot three wounds that are going fast. It causes 50/60/75/105 + 20% AD. If there are more enemies in the circle, each (max 3) receives one shot. 12/11/10/9/8 [W] (Stun grenade) Roeh throws a grenade into the selected area, with the opponent stunning (for 2 seconds) and causing him 45/55/70/75/85 + 20% AP. 12/11/10/10/9 [E] (Hyper dash) Roeh dash in the chosen direction and his next basic attack causes bonus damage of 5% AD. In addition, if Roeh uses any other spell, the dash is reset. 12/11/9/8/6 [R] (Every beauty is beauty) Roeh begins to target all enemies within range. It moves for 2 seconds and then if you press R again, he will shoot and causes 100/200/300 + 20% AD. In the course of the pitch, Roeh has a greatly reduced movement speed. The missile can not be stopped. 100/80/60 seconds Guns- I prefer the middle one Short video First skin- Nemesis Roeh

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