Lily, The Hope of Piltover ( Urgot + LeBlanc + Mercy Burst Mage / Support )

To quickly run this down, this is a quick idea I had of a support which acts identical to Mercy from Overwatch; and Urgot. Be warned, I haven't thought about base damage or cooldowns, however the cooldowns would be massively long. Like Lux. Passive: Sparrow / Hextech Prototype Sparrow - Lily gains a shield which blocks the first instance of hard crowd control that hits her, making her untargetable for 0.5 seconds and grants her a rapidly decaying 200% movement speed towards an ally over 1 second. This has a static 30 second cooldown. _Why only 0.5 second untargetablilty? This is so certain ADC's like Varus won't automatically auto-attack her afterwards. So if Draven where to knock her back and try to hit her while she was getting knocked-back, he couldn't. _ Hextech Prototype - Lily has an unnamed weapon that's simply referred to as "The Prototype." Lily has a range of 600, Lily's attacks only deal 50/55/60/65/70/75/80/85/90/95/100/105/110/115/120/125/130/135% ( Based on level ) of her total AD and can also miss. Lily can also attack allies, doubling her attack speed and healing them with a pulsing tether by ( 10% +1% per level Total AD, 5% +2% per level AP. ) per pulse. Critical Strikes heal for 50% less. Critical Strike Chance and Critical Strike Bonus make the heal into an AoE. ( For example, 100% Crit chance = 100 unit heal. With IE, changes it into a 150 unit heal. ) This effect stacks to Runnan's Hurricane, but does not offer the AoE heal. Q: Shoot out a dart, marking the enemy. Dealing ( +20% AD and AP ) as magic damage. This has many different effects depending on the use of your other abilities. W: Throw out a bomb in a line, exploding on contact with champion, minion, monster or terrain and dealing ( +50% AD and AP ) physical damage in an AoE of 400 units. Those affected by Lily's Q are dealt ( +75% AD ) instead as true damage, as well as adding a decaying slow of 99% over 0.5 seconds. E: Channel for 1 second, then shoot your taser, stunning an enemy for 0.5 up to 2 seconds based on their remaining health. _This means a full health enemy will be stunned for 2 seconds, and an enemy at 25% health are stunned for 0.5._ Those affected by Q will be dealt ( +150% Bonus AD ) physical damage on-hit and bleed for ( +80% AP ) magic damage over the duration of the stun. This also applies a 75% reduced healing Grievous Wounds. R: Channel for three seconds, rapidly slowing an enemy champion by 99% as well as grounding them over the channel duration and swap positions with an enemy champion. This channel cannot be canceled. The ultimate range is doubled against Marked enemies. Those affected by Q have 15/20/25% ( +1% per 50 AP ) of all their stats and maximum health stolen over the channel, lasting 10 seconds after the use.
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