Rewarding Ex-Reworked Champ's players - A must read for these especially

Short Version for Lazy people like myself: Rewarding people that played reworked champions even before they were reworked, mostly OTP players or that played that champion for a huge amount of games before such, with unique things that only they could get it such as an unique icon of the old splash art as, or unique border for the champion in loading screen, anything that let's them show off and be proud of being "a veteran" of that champion, without having to hate that much on the new players/reworks. Long Version: hello everyone i'm here to talk about, REWORKED CHAMPIONS, which everyone loves/hates, and i'll speak for myself, yet i know so many people whose main got reworked and they hate it as much as i do, i do hate it when riot changes a champion we put so many hours onto, and make it a total different thing from what we're used to, like, i get they do this for the money and to bring more players to the community and champion, but for the love of god, how empty it feels. I main Akali, and ever since i knew about Akali rework, i was ALWAYS against the idea, and when it came, i just wanted a revert already, nowadays i don't mind, and i accepted it, as well as many other aatrox players want a revert, irelia as well, pantheon too, and so on, but obviously the number of people who started to play after they got reworked will ALWAYS be higher than the ones who played those champs that nobody touched before in the first place (duh reason why they're even reworked), but i just can't help but to feel backstabbed, and WORTHLESS. I don't know where to say this, so please i want suggestion and where to, and even people that support this idea, to all that people that love their mains, who got reworked and trust me, your current main will FOR SURE be reworked and you'll feel the same about it, i wish league would at least reward those who mained the old champion in some way, hell the rework should be around WHAT THE PLAYERS THAT ALWAYS PLAYED IT ALL THEIR LIVES, CARE ABOUT, yet it's not, it's about what gives them more money, so all i ask riot, is, instead of a revert to all those champions, why don't you AT LEAST reward those who played them before? that way everyone would be happy, the ones that consider themselves "veteran" on the champion, and even the new ones that get to enjoy the champion as it is now. By rewarding those, i mean something like i don't know, give the players that you have regists that always played those champions even before rework, some kind of unique icon for them and ONLY them such as THE OLD CHAMPION'S SPLASH ICON or something similar to use, or even some unique border for them ONLY, kinda like you did with the riven skin, where it was asked so many times, and instead of bringing the skin back, you made a 2nd one for people who wanted it, well THIS ISN'T A SKIN. THIS IS A WHOLE CHAMPION, AND ONE I REALLY FEEL EMPTY NOWADAYS. I wish at least i would have some sort of reward like that, that me and all other "veterans" could show off and feel proud about saying "i mained it even before they got reworked." Please like this post or share it anywhere you want, i want this idea out or for riot to see it. (Some easy way to even do it, if this actually became a thing, could be, posting a huge sign in your client saying "apply to earn X reward" and then whoever wanted those, would send a ticket with their account and you could check it themselves if they actually played them before to apply for that kind of reward, rather than having to look 1 by 1 to give them, you took in consideration the TRISTANA MAINS, and the general players, for her skin, so why not do the same for the champions themselves, what the MAINS REALLY WANT)
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