Lore & Reworks idea that i would like yo implement

Its simple quite frankly, the idea is that when we update a champ we don't change his lore we just advance it in one way or another so fans that are immersed in whoever's lore, the "realisticity" of the lore won't be broken for them, similar to the gp one ,where when assassins get an update their lore is they meet up one day at "insert name of new character "'s workshop to get new items or learn new abilities at someone's dojo , and more to solo updates where u move with them, let's say yasuo gets a rework instead of changing lore completely or not touching it should advance like he never found forgiveness but now he did and got new shit because of that. Just a idea that i saw isn't that wacko and kindda cool and could have many easter eggs and references to new champs in them. Say your opinion honestly Thanks

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